Bush foreign policy exits Earth’s orbit

What in (and out of) the world is happening? Moon colonies … men on Mars? Is it me, or has this whole “foreign policy” thing gone way too far?

Bush seems to keep trying to force his depraved childhood dreams onto this nation.

Somebody, please send him a copy of the latest “Starcraft” video game, so he can live out his frustrated lusts for war and space without spending billions on shuttle parts, or sending thousands of U.S. troops to Iraq to search for nuclear weapons that remain undiscovered.

Bush is requesting an extra $1 billion and wants NASA to divert $11 billion from other programs to fund this “man on the moon” project. The nation currently has a half-trillion dollar deficit, there are issues with health care, the education system remains disproportioned and there is the ever-present problem of poverty.

At NASA headquarters, Bush said, “Mankind is drawn to the heavens for the same reason we were once drawn to unknown lands and across the open sea.”

He must be referring to the Europeans who were afraid of being victimized for their religious beliefs. Therefore, this exploratory endeavor is based on fear.

Maybe he’s referring to the European nations that traveled overseas to exploit natural resources and the cultures of its inhabitants for centuries. Therefore, this project is built on greed. Either way, it’s depraved idealism.

The government wants to explore the outside worlds without first exploring the vast regions of the soul. Knowledge of self is a prerequisite for understanding the world beyond. Even the Egyptian tribes of Kemet were aware of this simple fact when they constructed the pyramids in alignment with star systems.

No matter how many space stations are constructed, rovers are deployed and astronauts take off, as a human race, we will still be lost in space because we do not know the world within.

Russell Nichols is a junior magazine production student from Richmond, Calif. He is the Deputy Lifestyles Editor for The Famuan. Contact him at Nichols_Russell@hotmail.com