Attendance Hold. Another hoop to jump through in the circus that is FAMU’s administration.

This semester, my eighth and final at FAMU, I got a new surprise from the administration. After inquiring this week why I had not recieved my net check last weekend, I contacted the registrar’s office. I was told my classes were cancelled due to “non attendance”, meaning I had not gone to class the first day. After speaking with an extremely non helpful financial aid “counselor”, I was told many professors had failed to turn in their rosters for the first day, thereby dropping registration of their respective students. But instead of this being the professors’ fault, I was told to go find a professor I had that day and have them write a letter, assuring the registrar’s office that I did attend class that day. I cannot understand why this has no become my problem, when I did what I was supposed to do. Why is this administration and beauracracy anything but “excellence with caring?” Last semester it was made quite clear that any mistakes that students made in filling out their forms would result in a penalty. Where is the penalty for the administration. I strongly advise all students that have loans to contact their lenders and advise them of the situation at this school.