What is going on on The Hill

Ms. Dallas: As a fellow Rattler, I must say I’m extremely disappointed in the entire direction of our illustrious institution. However, my disdain has dipped to unprecedented levels when I logged on to the website of The Famuan only to find no coverage or mention of the walk that occurred during Jeb Bush’s speech during the King Holiday. On Tuesday (1/20/04), an online article in The Democrat at least did make mention of it and my home town news here in Orlando also made brief mention. However, I expected the voice of the body of those that carried out this act to have extensive coverage or at the minimum a column. It seems that everyone currently in a so called leadership position on “The Hill” is making a mockery of FAMU. We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the collegiate world! What took a hundred plus years to build; you people are systematically tearing it down. From the president that has yet to fill his cabinet after 18 months, to the court jester interim AD (who by the way is the equivalent of a substitute teacher) charged with spearing heading a monumental transition to D-I football. And now add the editor in chief of “The Voice of FAMU” to the list of stooges. I’m not in Talla-wacky, so I’m not sure if the rumblings have re-surfaced or never went away, but let’s get it together before we become FSU-South!

Marcus Freeman ‘961971 Garwood DriveOrlando, FL 32822407-340-2876