“university falls short” column

I write this letter in response to the column “University falls short” printed January 16. In an attempt to show the ignorance of the FAMU community regarding the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the writer instead showed his own ignorance. He mentioned that he decided to “celebrate the ‘observed day'” of the holiday and in order to do so, decided to attend FSU’s convocation on January 14. The writer said “From previous years, I knew that FAMU would have nothing to do with the ‘observed’ birthday of Dr. King.” However, the observed birthday is January 19. Perhaps the writer was referring to the actual birthday, which being January 15, still fails to make his case. On January 15, FAMU held its MLK convocation. Since the writer’s column was printed the next day and made no mention of this event, am I to assume he wasn’t in attendance? And continuing the celebration, January 16 began with a breakfast sponsored by the NAACP, which put two FAMU students in the spotlight: the master of ceremonies, Jabari Paul, and the guest speaker, SGA president Larry O. Rivers. I failed, however, to see the writer at the event. The writer later said, “Don’t let FAMU’s lack of celebration discourage you.” What lack of celebration? FAMU students and others gathered on campus Monday morning (the observed holiday) to hear Gov. Jeb Bush speak. While some honored King by listening peacefully, others honored him by peacefully walking out. Later, many of the same people and more, including the fraternities and sororities the writer mentioned, attended the annual march and rally. Although I applaud the writer’s intentions of making students aware of the King holiday, I am baffled by his assertions. FAMU’s “lack” of celebration hasn’t discouraged me, but the writer’s lack of knowledge about a man who did wonderful things for people of all colors certainly has.

Crystal Y. Lewis1112 S. Magnolia Dr. B206, Tallahassee(850) 443-3529sansamor@hotmail.com