Give women their credit

Since the beginning of time, women have been looked upon as individuals with less prominence than men. According to Aristotle, women are “infertile men.” This statement alone just makes my skin crawl.

Well, it’s a new day and age, and women are definitely not what Aristotle thought.

I commend Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana’s first female governor-elect, for her success. In this century, her position is still a great accomplishment.

As the state’s lieutenant governor, she has shown her constituents that she is more than qualified to tackle the state’s half a billion dollar budget deficit, the high poverty rate and low per capita income.

She should be called superwoman. She has struggled and she has conquered.

Blanco has also set an example all women should consider: don’t sit back and let things happen – make them happen.

In society, women are generally viewed as sex objects, not influential public figures. The representation of women in politics is continually thriving, but America remains sexist.

Women, we should take precedence over America and make men look up to us.

We may be physically inferior to men, but biologically we have the upper hand.

We are strong, yet sensitive. We are spontaneous, yet smart.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love men, but please give women our recognition when it is due.

As women, we still have much more to prove to society. But don’t forget that women have it going on and are making great strides.