Poor execution, communication cloud great vision

Rodney C. ClaytonGraduate business student from Tuskegee, Alabama(850) 523-2767

Since announcing advancement to Division I-A in football, FAMU has signed a multi-year television agreement with a rogue media company on the verge of bankruptcy. Ever heard of a “credit check?”

Athletic Director J.R.E. Lee III and Board of Trustees Chairman James Corbin both guaranteed that expansion of the football stadium would begin after the final home game. Said Corbin on Sept. 5, “Come back to me if that doesn’t happen. I will accept personal responsibility for it.”

University officials should directly disseminate news to the general public. On the Campus News and Notes page at famu.edu, the latest release is dated Sept. 29 regarding the death of Althea Gibson. The new famusports.com has been promised-and delayed since homecoming.

After a number of other broken promises and misleading statements, I have lost confidence in everything that Corbin and Lee say.

While I support this move, poor execution and a lack of truthful communication has led the FAMU faithful to speculate based on reports from third-party news sources. Should this move fail, the reasons will be clear, and significant leadership changes will then-if not already-be warranted.