Battle leaves something to be desired

After calling just about every phone number saved in my cell phone, I became fed up. How could a freestyle/ disc jockey battle, with the DJ Demp seal of approval, that was supposed to begin at 7 p.m. in the Lee Hall Auditorium, start 45 minutes late? I took a deep breath in hopes that I would see a great moment in hip-hop history at a school that many students call home. How wrong could one man be?

Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. There were two specific emcees that caught my attention. One of them was a heavy-set young man with a throwback jersey that most football fanatics would kill for. He introduced himself as “Rico” from Gainesville. The other emcee was definitely underestimated by fellow competitors as he approached the microphone with his gruff appearance, mellow attitude and Southern accent. Hailing from Baton Rouge, La, “E&J” was his name. These two emcees swept away competitors with their witty punch lines and sharp references to outdated fashions worn by a few challengers.

When asked about the freestyle battle, Derryck Black from Hidden Talent Records said, “Some of the artists are doing their thing, but they could be better.” I had to agree with Derryck.

Fortunately, the DJ battle was a little more uplifting. The show- stopper was definitely “Dirty Digits” from Tampa. His spontaneous blend of old school break beats with random voice samples kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. After being asked how they felt about the battle against Dirty Digits, many challengers declined to comment. I wonder why?

Overall, Hip-Hop would have been proud of the efforts shown by Rico, E&J, and Dirty Digits. As for the others, a Neptunes track with a Nate Dogg hook could not have saved them. Lets get hip-hop back where it used to be. Love, Peace and Nappiness to all.

Overall rating: C+.

– The Madd Writer-