Gibbs to bring structure to Redskins

Joe, Joe he’s our man. If he can’t do it, no one can.

It’s a good thing Joe Gibbs came back from retirement to coach the Redskins.

It certainly beats watching the Ol’ Ball Coach stubbornly refuse to adjust his coaching style to the NFL ranks.

Who cares if it has been 11 years since Gibbs has coached a game? Who cares if the dynamics of the game have changed since he retired?

Gibbs has everything that he needs to turn around an organization that has been in a downward spiral since he retired in 1992.

Look at his track record. He has achieved a .683 winning average, won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks and he’s already inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Players are automatically going to listen to a man who has proven his worth in the NFL.

Besides making the obvious changes to player personnel such as improving the offensive line and signing a good quality running back, changes are coming to the coaching staff as well.

Upon his arrival to Washington, the Redskins’ coaching staff had virtually little-to-no experience in the league. That will change with the return of at least three of Gibbs’ former assistants and the addition of former Bills head coach Gregg Williams as the defensive coordinator.

There will be no need to worry about a power struggle with owner Daniel Snyder or general manager Vinny Cerrato because they understand the legend who is larger than the Washington Monument.

Want proof that he can turn the Skins around? Look no further than Dick Vermeil and Bill Parcells as proof. Vermeil, who was 61-years-old when he returned to coaching, turned a losing Rams football team into a Super Bowl champ. Bill Parcells turned the Giants, Patriots, Jets and the Cowboys into winners, all of which had losing records the year before he arrived.

Gibbs is capable of bringing discipline to a Skins team that had none at all and a winning attitude to back to all Washington sports. Meaning he is going to rub off on the Capitals and the Wizards.

He has brought an instant buzz back to the Washington, D.C. area. Bigger than what Jordan brought as an executive and player and bigger than what Jaromir Jagr brought as a hockey player.

Gibbs will correct the $40 million mistake that Synder has made since taking over the Redskins’ franchise.

Travon McCall is a junior broadcast student from Clinton, Md. He is the deputy sports editor for The Famuan. Contact him at