Ensure Saddam’s rights

Saddam Hussein has been found and captured.

Now all that remains is to put him on trial.

In order to have a fair and just trial according to international standards, special care must be given to preserving Saddam’s rights.

According to those same standards, the trial must happen before an impartial court under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

But the UN should not be allowed anywhere near Saddam.

The idea that the UN would be an impartial judge is ludicrous.

Most of its members are dictators themselves. Many of them did not want him deposed in the first place.

And some of its more powerful members-France and Germany- were making money off deals they had with Saddam’s regime.

The purpose of Saddam’s trial should not be to determine his guilt or innocence but rather to determine what price he must pay for the damages he caused.

Any cries by the UN stating otherwise are bull.

Saddam is guilty of genocide, murder and crimes against humanity; there is no possibility of a mistake or error in assigning him this guilt.

Iraqis know that Saddam is responsible for torturing, raping and murdering hundreds of thousands of their people.

They are more than capable of making sure Saddam gets his reward for the years of dedication and service he provided them, and they should be allowed to do so with as little outside interference as possible from the UN

The international justice system, with its many laws and regulations, does not exist to protect the guilty.

It exists to protect the innocent from being accidentally or unjustly convicted and punished.

The fact that guilty people are protected by this same system is an inconvenience.

Daniel Watkins is a junior CIS student from Hephziabh, Ga. Contact him at caharin17@yahoo.com.