BCS plays unfair favorites

Since when did earning a shot at the college football national championship become an exclusive, members only event?

I’m not here to talk about the Oklahoma-LSU- Southern California fiasco; that horse has been beaten senseless by now.

But I will say this about the Bowl Championship Series:

One mistake is an accident, two is a coincidence. But by the third time, you’d better believe it’s a trend.

BCS screw-up No. 1 happened back in 2000 when FSU was chosen to play in the title game over Miami, even though the Canes beat the Noles earlier in the season.

When BCS screw-up No. 2 happened the following year, when the system allowed a Nebraska team in the title game over Oregon, even though the Huskers didn’t win their conference that year.

So after this fiasco, the third in four years, the BCS should have been thrown into the trash, taken somewhere far away and incinerated.

Not saying that teams like Boise State, Miami-Ohio, Texas Christian or Northern Illinois could or would beat the top tier teams in the country if there was a playoff.

But with a combined record of 47-6 for the four aforementioned schools – not to mention wins over opponents from BCS conferences such as Arizona (TCU), Northwestern (Miami-Ohio), Maryland, Alabama and Iowa State (NIU) – those teams have obviously earned at least an attempt at the title.

The NCAA is no better than the BCS when it comes to showing favoritism toward the six BCS conferences and Notre Dame. It’s why the Big 10 had only one more team with eight or more wins than the Mid-American Conference, but had six more teams participate in bowl games.

I’m not a pre-law student, but I can recognize discrimination when I see it.

So let’s go ahead and call a spade a spade.

For my money, the best game of the bowl season was the Fort Worth Bowl between Boise State and TCU, which Boise State pulled out 34-31.

That game was one of only two bowl games in which both teams had 11 wins or better.

The other was played Jan. 3 in New Orleans, supposedly between the best two teams in the nation.

At least, according to the BCS.

Contact Kevin Fair, a junior newspaper journalism student from Pompano Beach, at kfair1@mail.com.