re: Thank you for ruining my semseter


I am quite glad that you brought the S.I.S.T.U.H.S. problem to light. Since inception, the FAMU chapter has been in a constant struggle to gain funds from SGA. It seems as if it is a big “who’s who” among campus organizations.

Ever since Gainous took office, I heard of countless professors and deans either being demoted or leaving the school as a whole. When I heard the journalism dean left, I knew there were major problems. I certainly hope the pride that once was is restored.

This is a much different FAMU and I hope things start to run smoothly for my alma mater. But before anything can be done, it starts with the students. Administration will only do what the students allow. Rather than running to another school or TWI (traditionally white institution), demand better. If FAMU can organize and mobilize a statewide protest for Bush’s One Florida plan (I don’t think you were out of high school when that was going on), then the students can organize and mobilize change amongst administration.

It can be done!

There is one thing I will deeply admire about FAMU: they don’t give handouts and you have to work for anything achieved through that institution. Yes, an FSU style school with all the amenities is lovely, but life is not going to handout anything “free” complete with a chic-fil-a box. You have to work for it. HBCU’s prepare you to handle life a little bit better than those “said” institutions. The experience is far greater. The quote of “I hate FAMU” struck a chord in my heart. That is like saying, I hate your mother/father. The degree that hangs on my wall is very dear to me. I knew I worked hard and hard for it. Yes, there were issues all throughout the years (housing, financial aid, etc.) but the process makes it sweeter in the end. It was worked for and not handed out…like “said” institutions. (going to TWC’s doesn’t necessarily make your college process any better)

Those who say they hate FAMU, LET THEM LEAVE!!!!!. For cosigning with them is saying that you will allow someone to come into your home and disrespect your family. Do you honestly want someone who has no pride in your school wearing the mighty orange and green? I would certainly hope not.

What am I trying to say here?

Yes, we do need to put some aspects on blast to shake things up a bit. But do remember as a student, you are also responsible for your college career. If the students are loud, then the powers that be will have no other choice but to listen.

Much blessing in your endeavors

Tracey JacksonClass of 2002B.S. Computer Information SystemsS.I.S.T.U.H.S – FAMU Chapter