Thank you for ruining my fall 2003 semester

I would like to officially thank President Gainous, J.R.E. Lee III, Jim Corbin, the Board of Trustees and the SGA for the worst semester I’ve had at FAMU.

Professionalism lacked in all areas and I am truly disgusted to be a student at FAMU.

President Gainous:

You allowed or at least ran away four deans, and act as if that yields no problems. You also made a very unwise decision to move the football team to Division I-A. I’ve heard all of the positives for this move, but everyone is forgetting the negatives. And no, the positives do not out weigh the negatives. The university needs new classrooms; professors need offices; equipment is needed for instructional and distance learning; buildings need proper air conditioning systems – it doesn’t need to be cold in the winter and vice versa. And now you want to add seats to a stadium that isn’t filled unless it’s homecoming. It is of no value that it is NCAA requirements. It’s useless, pointless and an inefficient use of money.

Also, the homecoming disaster? Enough said.

Moving on, the pharmacy school still hasn’t moved into its new building and the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication still needs $4 million for equipment for the new building.

And will someone please tell me why we were two months late turning in the financial statements, even with an extended deadline. This can no longer be blamed on your recent arrival to the university. You have been in office almost 18 months.

BOT, James Corbin:

The childish feud you have displayed with Gainous since his confirmation to office is highly unnecessary. After watching how you all have behaved, I can understand where the Senate gets its ideas. I think the Senate and the BOT are on the same side-shepherds for the devil.


Why did you try to impeach Larry Rivers? OK. You say he falsified documents and overspent funds, among many other problems, but how often have you done the same thing? The senate has completely ignored various clubs and organizations on campus in order to give money to whom they like. Groups like S.I.S.T.U.H.S.- a community service organization has given up on trying to receive funds from SGA because it has always been overlooked and have received excuses as to why they can’t receive funds.

However, modeling troupes like Faces have received funds to buy new uniforms. And you say Rivers is misusing funds. Take a look in the mirror.


I hope you understand what you are doing to the students. You are so busy fighting your little childish feuds and trying, but failing, to recruit new students, while forgetting about the ones who are already here.

You have no idea how many times, I’ve heard people say, “I hate FAMU,” “I hope I can transfer next semester,” “Finally, I’m leaving” and “I’m going to a private white institution.”

In fact, the only reasons I am still here are because of my mother and the best journalism program in the country.

The only things good about FAMU now is the band and the few professors and deans who truly care about the students.

People can say their motto is “Excellence with caring,” but I have yet to see it depicted.

Students are leaving FAMU; you need to get your act together.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 20, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Lake City. She can be reached at