Metrosexuals’ deserve praise

Chances are you’ve seen them in the hair salon with their heads in the shampoo bowl next to you or in the nail shop enjoying a manicure. Yes, ladies, it’s the new breed of man known as the high-maintenance man. Some may even call him a “metrosexual.” These metrosexuals are men who are in touch with and not ashamed of their feminine side. When did men start caring about their appearance as much as women? I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man who takes pride in the way he looks. I prefer it.

There was a time when a man wouldn’t dare step into places that catered to women’s needs such as spas, nail shops, and salons. Today, that just isn’t the case. It’s becoming difficult to tell the difference between “feminine” and “masculine” activities. Even if a man isn’t in a spa, nail salon, or salon you may still see them taking extra steps to impress the opposite sex; They are now willing to get buffed, tweezed and shaped.

I think a man should take pride in the way he looks just as much as a woman does. A little pampering every now and then doesn’t make a man less of a man. I’m not saying that you have rush to the salon or the nail shop, that’s a woman’s sanctuary. I’m referring to things such as replacing your worn out underwear, ironing your clothes, splashing cologne and wearing something other than a white t-shirt every single day.

The pressure of maintaining good grooming habits has increased, as well. It has gotten to the point where men seem to be afraid to take extra steps in their grooming habits because that is the behavior of a so-called “pretty boy,” but even thugs can be caught clipping and trimming their nails.

Men, don’t be afraid to take those extra steps: it doesn’t make you less of a man. Start with a simple grooming habit such as hair. If you have braids, keep them looking fresh and conditioned. If you have dreads, keep them neat and tamed. If you get your hair cut, keep it cut. All women like a man they’re proud of, and when he steps out smelling good and looking good, trust me – there’s nothing better.

Latoya Marshall, 21, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Orlando. She can be reached at