War lies erode under Bush

Democrats are in an uproar over President Bush’s first campaign ad that essentially claims that if you’re against President Bush, you’re soft on terrorism. The Democrats claim Bush is using the war in Iraq and the fight against terrorism for partisan gain.

It has also been said that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Well, once again, the leaders of this nation will decide the fate of millions of people whose homeland has been stolen.

The problem with the war in Iraq is that President Bush has lied too many times to justify the war, claiming everything from U.N. weapons violations to Iraqi alliances with Al Qaeda. At a cost of $87 billion, the whole ordeal has become one huge witch-hunt that has taxpayers burning at the stake. Now Bush claims the war was waged to eliminate a dictator and bring democracy to Iraq.

Perhaps I am a little paranoid, but if President Bush is willing to lie and murder under a thinly veiled and poorly engineered attempt to obtain Iraq’s oil, who knows what his next “moral objective” may be? I suppose he could enslave the Iraqis and teach them Christianity.

Yet despite all of this, even though Democrats have questioned the president’s methods, they have not required him to legally justify his reasons for war. But what, again, was the Republican Party’s legal justification for impeaching former President Clinton for what basically amounted to infidelity?

The problem here is that each party is trying to out-do the other in these near-election times for political gain. Both parties seem to have forgotten the concept of democracy, a philosophy they are supposed to be teaching the Iraqis.

There is no end in sight as to how long this partisan bickering over Iraq will continue and at what cost. Eventually, President Bush will reinstate the 3/5 Compromise in Iraq to garner even more political support from those vehemently against terrorism. This will, of course, require the Democrats to draft their own version of the Missouri Compromise so that, at the least, they’ll get some valuable real estate from the deal.

Garrett Horne, 31, is a 2nd year graduate journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at garretthorne@hotmail.com.