Airline offers more than soft drinks, peanuts

For those people fed up with the complimentary peanuts and soft drinks served on airlines, good news may be right around the corner.

Delta Air Lines has become the latest major carrier to follow US Airways with plans to sell in-flight meals.

The Atlanta-based carrier has tested this new program on more than 400 domestic flights since July 12.

Sheryl Ash, a frequent traveler, is excited about the new program.

“Sometimes the peanuts and soft drinks are not enough for me and do not satisfy my hunger,” the California native said. “Having something like this will definitely earn my support.”

Some students also support this new program and are willing to patronize restaurants that sponsor it.

“Instead of rushing in the airports, this now gives me the opportunity to purchase food on the plane and actually enjoy it while en route to my destination,” said Chezne Brown, 20, a criminal justice student from Tampa.

Others see possible alternatives to Delta Airline’s program.

Na’m Hayes, 24, an Internet claims specialist, travels frequently and does not promote this new program.

“I would not support such a program because air fares are not low enough for me to get on the airplane and then have to purchase food,” said the Tallahassee native. “The food will not taste the same as the food in the actual restaurants, so maybe Delta should start off with samples instead of charging customers,” Hayes added.

Nonetheless, companies such as Chili’s To Go, Au Bon Pain and Atlanta Bread Company have agreed to team up with Delta Air Lines to help implement the program.

Ken Shaner, reservation agent for Delta Air Lines, said that the prices of the meals would range from $2-$10 and vendors will vary at different airports. First class customers and unaccompanied children will eat free. There will be no charge for customers flying to the Caribbean or trans-Atlantic either.

“Some airports have McDonald’s and T.G.I Friday’s, while others have the Atlanta Bread Company,” Shaner said.

While US Airways flight attendants only accept cash for the meals, Delta Air Lines will accept cash and credit card payments.