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DR. J. ALVA SCRUGGS LETTER TO EDITOR 1804 MAYFAIR DRIVE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 32303 PHONE&FAX (850)385-5750 E-MAIL JSCRU5750@AOL.COM Website http://franklyspeaking.info


In the demise of an organization or a leadership there are undeniable signs. Three classic signs are; 1. There is a quagmire of perpetual, probing, continuous audits being conducted. (No man can stand a personal investigation nor can an organization survive a perpetual audit.) 2. There are over sight Boards with members who are constituently micro managing and finding fault with Administration. 3. There is a powerful political malcontent bent on dissolution. Of the organization has all three!!!. Governor Jeb has never forgotten the problems that FAMU students caused him in the Presidential Election 2000 and the elimination of “Affirmation Action” and the passing of “One Florida!!” After thinking about this I used all my skills and education gained at FAMU U., Massachusetts U., Alabama A & M U., Southern Connecticut State U., Occidental College, etc and my personal experience was a Black leader in institutions I have come to this conclusion.

In almost Biblical style I say, before the preverbial cock crows in December 2004, a @#^%$(<&^ (using immoral turpitudes) Black, Republican, conservative, FAMU Alumnus, member of the present FAMU Board of Trustees will offer a proposal to make FAMU the South Campus of FSU, while the Head of The FAMU's Alumni Association will be standing on one of FAMU famous hills of Calvary posturing, profiling, and posing for their minute in the national TV spotlight instead of fighting like a "Junk Yard Dog" or a venomous cornered "Rattler" for its survival!!!

For this deed this bottom feeding jigger will be provided what they always get by keeping on doing what they are always doing – – A place beside their master. This time it will be a place in Washington D. C. gathering the crumbs off the most bountiful of all tables. As we live and breath I am hoping that this public article will shame the Judas Goat in this case and detour them from their appointed actions. Even a bottom feeder has their limitations and the guilt of their conscience. We as Alumnus must save the body so we can continue to say of FAMU, “E Pluebus Unum (from one many)”

BY: Dr. J. Alva ScruggsJscru5750@aol.comRead four exciting books BY; Scruggs and Gantthttp://franklyspeaking.info