Sculpting the ultimate physique

With bodybuilding becoming increasingly popular, many students are finding it quite expensive to attain the “ideal” body.

Trying to achieve an Adonis-like physique, some students opt for gym memberships.

Located on N. Monroe, Legends Fitness Club offers a flat rate of $39 a month, but also include 6 month, 9 month and 12 month memberships where the longer the member signs up for, the lower rate he or she pays.

Acknowledging that memberships can be costly, many gyms offer different kinds of discounts to draw in potential members.

“I get a discount by working with the police department,” said Clarence Pearson, a 22-year-old sophomore criminal justice student from Quincy, who pumps iron at Legends Fitness Center.

Another potential cost toward developing a great physique is the use of supplements, such as NO2, protein shakes and multi-vitamins.

Creatine, a metabolic compound, is a popular supplement.

“It regenerates muscles and quickly strengthens them,” said Gei-Nam Lim, fitness coordinator at FAMU’s Fitness Center. “It also pulls water from other parts of the body swelling the cells with water, making the muscles larger and firmer.”

In spite of that, the downside to most supplements is the cost.

Ben Chestang, 23, a senior business administration student from Mosspointe, Miss. said, ” I started lifting weights to tone up and now I want to get stronger, but it’s too expensive.”

On average, supplement users spend $50-60 a month on supplements and certain types, such as NO2, costing up to $70 a bottle!

For students who do not believe in spending a lot of money for results, there are alternatives to gym memberships and expensive supplements.Open throughout the week, FAMU’s Fitness Center is free to students with a Rattler card and a towel.

The center offers free weights, cardio machines, fitness classes and several more options, as do other fitness centers. However exercising in the fitness center does have its major drawbacks. These disadvantages include, a lack of space, no locker rooms and no shower facilities.

The cost of staying shape can add up, especially for students, but that is an acceptable price for some. Pearson said exercising is a daily necessity for him.

“I don’t feel good if I don’t work out,” some sacrifices will have to be made,” Pearson said.