Performers possess talent that spans beyond vocalism

Anyone that says the music industry is filled with untalented peons has no idea what they’re talking about. There are literally thousands of performers within the music industry. I can guarantee that over half of those people have what could be traditionally called a good voice.

If you say there’s no one with real vocal talent out there, you aren’t looking too hard because they’re definitely out there.

Artists release music on a regular basis, but the same people that denounce the industry for not supporting those with “legitimate” talent aren’t going buying the CDs put out by the artists with “good” voices.

It’s important to realize that the music industry is still a business focused on making money. They need the money made by the so-called untalented artists to help bring the more obscure, “talented” artists to the forefront.

The music industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year based on the sales of CDs. The last time I checked, no images emerge when someone puts a CD into their car stereo. No overtly sexual videos or provocative photographs appear, either. In the end, all people get when they buy the CD is the music. The music is what’s behind the glossy exterior of the dancing, moaning, and sexed-up images.

Besides, I have doubts about millions of people flocking to any artist who doesn’t have an iota of talent. Every artist out there, I wager, has some kind of talent. It may not be enough to win a gold medal in the vocal Olympics or break champagne glasses, but who would want all artists to do that anyway?

And since when does singing, “oh oh oh” in three different octaves make you a good singer?

I’m glad I have the option of listening to someone wail over a solid ballad and three minutes and forty five seconds later hear someone else put their limited talents to use over a really good dance track. There’s a place for all levels of talent in the music industry because there’s an audience for every level.

It’s not right for anyone to judge people like Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, or even Ashanti because they don’t have the greatest vocal range. I’ve never heard them claim to be singers. They’re performers. They take the talent they have vocally and otherwise to express themselves. No one should be torn down for choosing to express themselves artistically.

No two artists have the same vocal skills and that’s reality. So deal with it and love what you love.

Jason E. Hutchins, 19, is a sophomore business administration student from Athens, Ga. He can be reached at