Search for solutions

Feeding the homeless is great. However, more should be done to help them. It is no individual’s fault these people are homeless, but steps can be taken to assure they don’t stay homeless forever.

This is a major problem with politics in this society. Many organizations, clubs and even Greek organizations do things to get recognition; however, the real problem lies within someone needing to get something in return for a good deed. A great example is the Longest Breakfast Table.

The Longest Breakfast Table was a good idea aside from the fact that shuttles were allotted to pick up the homeless, feed them and return them to the homeless shelter, to the alley or to the street corner they sleep on every night. It appears that the proper measures weren’t looked at in trying to do a good deed, which ultimately failed. Failure exists in anything that doesn’t present solutions and this event did not present any solutions.

It was a great accomplishment to fill the bellies of the homeless people. But along with feeding them, why not develop some type of program to help train persons to build a housing complex for homeless persons that requires them to get a job and make their own money.

This goes along with an old parable, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Why not give homeless people an empty buffet table to build up instead of showing them a buffet to take from?

Robyn K. Mizelle for the Editorial Board