Hopeless romantic idealism impacts women’s ability to meet loving men

Good men were never hard to find, women just became lazy and impatient.

As a whole, women are hopeless romantics that become discouraged and bitter if their first few relationships don’t work out. As a result, they rush into future relationships or start giving themselves away.

For starters, women are looking in all the wrong places. For some reason, women think they’ll find Mr. Right in the club or bar. Men don’t go to the club to meet a potential wife or girlfriend: They go to have fun and meet a potential sexual partner. Women should try stepping outside the box. Meet a man at poetry readings, jazz clubs or the library.

Another reason why it seems like there are no good men available is that women have become materialistic. Women are so fast to run to the guys with a car and the flashiest clothing, losing perspective of the real qualities in a real man. What happen to loving a man with a bus pass?

Men desire women and every woman has something that men want. In essence, women have the power. Women just fail to realize and exercise it. Until that happens, there will always seem like there are no good men.

When women, as a collective group, change their ways, men will change the way they act towards women.

Ultimately, the problem starts at home. If a young boy isn’t taught to respect a girl at the early stages of life and a young girl isn’t taught to demand respect from a boy during that same time period, neither will know what to expect when they’re mature enough to date.

A woman cannot change a man but a mother can by teaching her son to respect a woman and her wishes. That includes you, the woman reading this article, demanding the proper behavior from a man if he wants to be with you and instilling the same values into your son when he is a child. If you don’t, women will never think there are any good men.

Travon McCall, 19, is a junior broadcast student from Clinton, Md. He can be reached at Young85138@aol.com11