Senate confirms 9 nominees for cabinet positions

The Student Senate has complained that SGA President Larry O. Rivers has failed to appoint members to positions critical to the success to his administration. That came to an end Monday night when the senate approved nine of the 10 nominees for cabinet positions.

The only rejected nomination was Chris Griffin for the position of director of student lobbying. Senators voted 16-14 against Griffin.

Some senators said he was weak in answering the questions during the 10-minute interview process, while others commended Griffin for being willing to research the questions that he did not know.

“I’m going to get the information that I didn’t have (for next week),” said Griffin, 20, a junior political science student from Sacramento, Calif.

“I’m going to be prepared. It’s not in me to fail “

Rivers said he was disappointed that one of his nominees was not confirmed.

“I told him to study some more, remain confident and hopefully, the motion will be revisited next week,” Rivers said.”

For a revisit to take place, a motion to do so must be made by one of the 16 senators who voted against Griffin’s confirmation.

“If someone is denied confirmation on the first try, then one of the senators who voted against the motion to confirm the individual can move to revisit the motion,” Rivers said.

With the exception of the one unconfirmed position of the night, Rivers said the vacancies of the Executive Branch have been filled.

Appointees were enthused about their new post.

“I’m excited about the new secretary of communications position,” said Brandi Tatum, a 21-year-old elementary education student from Gulfport, Miss. “(I can) provide vital information that will impact our lives.”

According to Rivers, SGA will now be able to function more efficiently.

“I’m really happy,” Rivers said. “We’re pretty much a full cabinet.”