Elite proves their worth

As the semester approaches its mid-point, the FAMU ELITE is determined to prove it is more than just rah-rah and pom-poms that is going to fad away after the football season.

With the help of Advisor/Coach Abigail Mobley and assistant advisors Charlie Toomer and Darryl Stewart, the FAMU ELITE plan to bring school spirit to all FAMU teams.

“The purpose of the FAMU Elite is to provide school support for all athletic teams and active participation in university wide/ community activities,” Mobley said.

The group was founded this spring with the dancers doing halftime shows for basketball games, serving as bat girls for the baseball team and helping at track events.

“This year is full blown,” Mobley said. “The FAMU ELITE will provide a wide range of support for every sports teams.”

Included into this year’s schedule are cheering and dancing at all home football and volleyball games. As for the other sports, such as tennis, swimming and golf, they will be volunteers.

There are five stuntman, five cheerleaders, and 10 dancers. Romain Brissett, a 25-year old construction-engineering student is the captain of the stuntman (male) team. According to Brissett, stunting is where “you physically throw the ladies up and catch them.”

The first time the squad performed at a football game was Sept. 6.

“I was nervous at first, but at the end of the day it was definitely worth it,” Brissett said. “It feels good to perform. And afterward your peers give you compliments.”

The group is not just about performing at sporting events.

ELITE Members serve as mentors with the student-athlete advisory committee’s mentoring program for the Southside. They plan to set up a cheer and dance clinic for children on the Southside.

Along with supporting all school teams and mentoring, the FAMU ELITE plans to show off its skills in a few competitions for the spring season.

The group’s hard work and efforts has caught the attention of the FAMU Booster Club, who with the help of Patrick Lee the vice president for the Booster club will sponsor the team, according to Mobley.

The FAMU ELITE will to continue to give school spirit in any way possible. “This is just the beginning,” Mobley said.

FYI: Interested in joining the squad? Contact Abigail Mobley at 599-3365 or go to room 213 GOC. They are looking for cheerers, dancers and stuntman.

Faith Gordon can be reached at destiny0000@hotmail.com.