Letters to the Editor

Clean Campus

Finally, FAMU controlled the street for cars to pass by and not be held up by people stopping to see the vendors. Moving them to the field was a great idea; my only problem was…”Where are the trash cans!”

I’ve never seen that much trash. I mean people started leaving their trash on the stage they put out there. Come on my brothers and sisters show some pride for your campus and do your part.

Please try to make sure the (university) staff provides enough trashcans for this (homecoming) and other occasions.

Miriam Traeye, from Fernandina Beach, graduated from FAMU in Dec. 1993. She is a member of the Nassau County alumni chapter and can be reached at MiriamTraeye@aol.com.

Paper Recognized for a job well done

I would like to say to the staff at FAMU, you guys are extraordinary in reporting the news on your campus. It is wonderful to see such great work done by a fellow HBCU. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you at the HBCU newspaper conference at Alabama State.

Kendrick Marshall, is the editor of the Blue and White Flash on the campus of Jackson State University. He can be reached at doc5alien@yahoo.com.