Collegians tend to eat unhealthy

Bad eating habits appear to be on the rise among many college students, according to a July 3 study on University Wire.

“We are preoccupied with classes and studying, which causes us to eat unhealthy. Therefore, it causes us to eat fast food and visit the vending machines,” said Christopher Clark, 19, sophomore graphic design student from Port St. John.

Universities are required to offer meals that are nutritional and healthful for students.

“It is required that students are provided with the correct amount of meat, starches and vegetables,” said Shelita Nelson, general manger of dining services at FAMU. “The menus are decided upon by several different variables, one including geographical demand.”

Nelson also said dietitians meet twice a year to decide on the nutrition, taste, presentation and combination of the meals.

For some FAMU students, their eating habits have nothing to do with study hours or the lack of time. Some simply prefer to eat fast food. “I do not like cooking. It’s not fun,” said Bianca Berry, 18, a freshman business student from Tampa.

Drew Adkison, general manger of Legends Fitness Club in Tallahassee, said that college is the first time many students are on their own, without someone telling them what to do or how to eat. As a result, Adkison said, some students choose convenience over good nutrition. Once students mature they will learn “it is important to have good eating habits in order to increase longevity.”

Some students agree with Adkison and realize the importance of a healthful diet.

“It is good to start developing eating habits soon so that when you are older, you will be able to stay healthy,” said Kori Levy-Minize, 21, senior computer information science student from Maryland.

Adkison advised students who would like to start a healthier diet plan to start with moderate exercise. A 30- to 40-minute workout, three to four times a week, is good, he said, plus a diet with more protein and fruit.

“Just watch the fast food and processed food intake,” Adkison said.Before starting an exercise program, students are advised to check with a physician, Adkison suggested.

FAMU’s fitness center is located in the student union building. The center is open seven days a week and offers exercise classes.