Campus fashion advice

Winter’s cold wind is quickly approaching. Now it’s time to pull out those clothes hidden in the corners of your closet and push back that summer wardrobe.

Dressing appropriately for the cooler season doesn’t mean you have to wonder around with your shirts buttoned all the way to the top, but it does mean less skin is definitely in.

Looking good is important and what better way to bring the season in than to give a little “looks” advice. Try incorporating these few fashion tips into your dress attire.

Stop wearing any and all summer attire. This includes flip-flops, skimpy tops, summer shorts and sandals. Why? There is nothing worse than being cute, but looking cold.

Besides, ashy and cold feet in the winter won’t guarantee anything but frostbite.

Leave the summer patterns at home. Hawaiian shirts, flowery skirts and bleach white wardrobes must go. Why? It is easy. Labor Day has passed, nobody’s at the beach and the Easter bunny is soon to be replaced by Santa’s little helpers.

Trade in those blonde highlights for brownish reds and auburns. Cooler hair colors blend in perfectly with the change of season.

Speaking of hair now is the perfect time to try growing it! Give your hair a break. Invest in braids and/or extensions to protect your hair from the harsh cold and dry air. Twists and corn rows are always in style and they are really easy to maintain.

Colors are still in. Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you have to start looking like the Osbornes. Think same colors, just different shade. Popular colors seen so far include: pink and black combinations, beige, off-white and patterns (plaids).

Bring out the boots, baby! Get stepping with your favorite Timberlands or Monolos. Boots always come in plenty of varieties, so go far and beyond the basic.

Air Force Ones and Reebok classics are a nice substitute for the men, but please limit the white T-shirts.

Don’t forget to denim yourself down. Jeans go with everything and can be dressed up and made to look casual on any day.

Make sure to buy a nice jean jacket and good pair of jeans (ladies) fitting those curves just right. (One thing though, don’t wear jeans when it’s raining it takes forever for them to dry.)

Try wearing hats for a change. Kangols, scullies, baseball caps, bucket hats and scarves are great substitutes for two reasons.

One, it takes hardly no time to put them on. Two, no one will know just how awful your hair looks underneath.

Men, instead of T-shirts as mentioned earlier, valoure suits are just as gangster. Those hooded sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants will not only keep you warm, but they will also make you look good enough to keep the women approaching.

Last but not least, do you.

Regardless of what fashion tips are listed, doing what you do best is always in fashion.