Album duplicates mentor’s rap style

Another of Eminem’s protégés has been released to supposedly take the rap world by storm – or not. This time it is D-12 member, Obie Trice.

The album, released under the Shady/Interscope label, tries to separate Obie Trice from D-12 and establish the artist as a solo force in rap.

Unfortunately the CD replicates much of Eminem’s style and expertise.Trice’s solo album, aptly titled, “Cheers” debuted at No.5 on the Billboard Top 200, but then plummeted to No.27.

This latest CD starts with the track “Average”, produced by none other than Eminem. The bass line comes in harsh and heavy. It makes your head bob. This song is definitely hot!

The title song, “Cheers” is also a hot item. When the song starts you again feel the blast of the bass through your ears. This song will definitely be heard booming down streets.

The album’s oddly titled single, “Got Some Teeth,” is an upbeat and goofy song, something we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Eminem. The song has a playful, yet sarcastic sound.

Although the songs on the album are decent, they lack originality. This may bore the listener quickly and may cause them to turn off their CD player. After the sixth or seventh song, the album gets ridiculously overwhelming. The songs start to sound, breathe and live Eminem.

On the other hand, there are a couple of highlights to this album.

“The Setup,” produced by Dr. Dre, and “Bad B*tch,” produced by Timbaland, are two club bangers and the hottest songs on the CD. With these songs you get about five to six minutes of relief from the monotony, but then it goes right back to typical Eminem style.

It seems that Trice has not yet found his nitch in music. He is still attached to Eminem’s umbilical chord of style.

Grade: C