Pay respect to fallen soldiers

Casualties are a reality in any war. However, casualties become senseless deaths when war has no merit.

After the death of two soldiers Wednesday, it was announced that the post-war conflict death toll of U.S. servicemen had risen to 117. This number officially surpasses the Iraqi wartime deaths of 115.

It’s funny how the weapons of mass destruction that President Bush spoke of haven’t magically appeared. But it’s not so funny how U.S. troops continue to die for a conflict that is based on false documentation.

These servicemen who died, serving a president who sent them to war on a whim, deserve our respect.

Another group of people who deserves our respect: the 4,300 Iraqi civilians who were reported dead since the beginning of the U.S. military presence in Iraq.

The number of civilians is almost 20 times more than the casualties the people who chose to die for the honor of the US.

Yes, we owe our devotion, support and respect to our servicemen on duty in Iraq, but we need to save some of that for the people who did nothing but be born in the wrong country.

For the sake of all of the casualties during this conflict, Bush better find some weapons of mass destruction.

And if this was just a case of an eye for an eye, 2,752 people died on Sept. 11. It’s safe to say the Iraqis have sacrificed the right eye and may lose the left before Bush decides to call the troops home.

Jason Hutchins for the Editorial Board