Students split over skipping class issue

Homecoming week is right around the corner and for some, class will be sacrificed for an all day affair of being posted on the set or just hanging out around the house.

Skipping class is usually viewed in the eyes of a professor and in the eyes of a student. The attendance relationship between a professor and a student is simple: the professor doesn’t force a student to attend class and the student isn’t obligated to come.

It is a perfect remedy for those who need an extra fifty minutes of study time, or necessary for those who need rest from clubbing the night before. There are various reasons why students skip class and each student has their own reasons why they skip.

One of the reasons why students decide to skip a class is because it takes little effort.

“You can just get someone to sign your name and social security number,” Chris Leno, 20, a junior criminal justice student from Fort Lauderdale said.

Getting signed in by another classmate is a commonly used method of skipping for some but others see it as being unfair.

“It bothers me when people sign other classmates’ names in because they (the students skipping) are getting credit for being there,” Zandra Russ, 18, a freshman Pre-Law student from Tampa said.

On the other hand, there are those students who decide not to show up at all.

“Some students just aren’t interested in going to class,” said Glenda Miller, 21, a junior, elementary education student from Miramar, Fla.

Miller argued that some classes don’t require as much participation and effort as others.

“Sometimes you have to skip one class to study for another,” Miller said “We are adults and if you miss notes in a class then you’ll just have to get it from someone else.”

Others feel differently.

Russ stated that it is not a good idea for students to rely on their classmates’ notes.

“You can’t trust other students’ notes, everyone has there own style of note taking, and I prefer to take my own.” Russ said.

Some professors are not impressed by students’ lack of interest for school and agree with students like Russ.

Political science professor Keysha Lee stated that it’s best for a student to make the most of class time so they won’t fall behind. She added that students sometimes have legitimate issues that prohibit them from attending class.

“That is why I offer research and planning days once a week,” said Lee” This gives students an opportunity to get themselves together.”

Lee has the solution for students who just can’t seem to make it to class.

“The cure is to get up on time so that you can make it to class at their scheduled times,” Lee said “I don’t even allow myself to give excuses.”