Pedophiles must not minister

Is it right for child molesters to be ministers in the church?

It is very sad and ridiculous that instead of touching lives, they are touching little boys.

According to an article on, a catholic priest, who was convicted of child molestation, was killed in prison and that there are other priests in the Roman Catholic Church, who are child molesters but are moved to different fellowships in the religion.

This speaks volume for Catholicism as a whole?

How long will this last? There is too much at stake The lives of the victims, the congregation and the Catholic Church itself.

Churchgoers often look past these things because they feel the priest would not do anything like that.

If we look to the reality of things maybe people will use discretion as well as common sense that everyone is not perfect and that does not exclude priests.

The Catholic Church is the wealthiest, most powerful church today, but what are they trying to prove by allowing the lowest criminals of all, child molesters, to minister?

It is a detestable and unspeakable thing to do. The more we ignore it the more people believe that it is OK and God forbid that might happen.

If sexual immorality is alluring for your own reasons then do what you do, but don’t force children who are more likely to be gullible and naïve to the fact.

Child molesters should not be given the right to minister in any church.

The only way that this kind of thing won’t be permissible is if the so-called “church folks” stand up and make it known.

Rebecca Wilkerson, 19, is a sophomore theater student from Miami. She can be reached at