Fashions and fads of the ’80s

Hi, Marie,

I really enjoyed your recent column on the fashion trends of the ’80s. Very funny.

However, here in Tampa, we still seem to be stuck in the ’70s. So I can completelyunderstand how you don’t want to wear the clothes of your childhood again. I mean,those bell bottoms, peasant blouses, green and orange neon and all the hot pantswere butt-ugly back then, when I was a teen. I sure as heck don’t even want to keeplooking at them now, much less wear them.

Actually, I miss some parts of the ’80s clothes, like shoulder pads. They helpedus women with wide hips become better proportioned!

But, as you know, all of these fads come back around eventually. They’re just updatedslightly so the teenagers of the moment think they’re new and cool. Back in the 1950s, those pointy-toed pumps were very hot. And now they’re back, just a littlebigger so our toes don’t die an early death.

I do agree with you, though, the “Flashdance” ripped sweatshirts and legwarmers should die a very quick death. Some trends definitely should not be resurrected.

Take care,

Lisa CunninghamA Tampa subscriber to Famuan e-mail