Secret spy trap

Movies or TV shows portraying the illicit life of being involved with secret organizations in the government are everywhere. However, many wonder if those images portrayed are actually true.

According to a story on, they are.

The FBI has been accused of sneaking around – Kojak-style – and bugging the mayor of Philadelphia’s office. Apparently, John Street is allegedly under investigation for unmentioned activities.

The FBI should not have the authority to “peep” into anyone’s office or home on an unfounded suspicion of criminal activity. Of course the world is in disarray now, but hasn’t it always been? This is no excuse to perpetuate the practice of racial profiling, as Street is black.

For the FBI to stoop to such levels as to be caught by the police and questioned by tax-paying citizens they vowed to protect is disturbing and frightening. Is it better for people to be spied on and safe, than to keep their privacy and be in possible danger?


Spying on someone who is only suspected of doing criminal activity and forgetting about those who are actually doing illegal activity is wrong, not to mention a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

The FBI refuses to confirm their involvement in placing the bugs and continues to dispute reports from a federal government source and two law enforcement officers.

The situation is pretty sticky and very suspect. It’s remnant of the childhood chant “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” When you are caught in a lie, it’s noticeable. The FBI is clearly lying or, as they say, neither confirming nor denying the allegations.

The public needs to wake up and call for a change in our government’s actions.

These “secret spy traps” are legal, but for the persons employed to intentionally abuse their power in such situations is wrong and needs to be rectified immediately.

Problems that exist in the world are overwhelming and people expect the government to help solve them. But if government officials are focusing on minor things that have no relevance to the big picture, the country will never be safe.

Robyn K. Mizelle for the Editorial Board