After market add-ons express owners’ style

Take a 1985 boxed Chevy, add some speakers, some “24s” and throw in a cute girl (maybe two) and what do you get?

The same car, just a different look, a temporary fling, and a nice dent in the pockets.

Despite the negatives, the possibilities of changing any ordinary vehicle into an eye catching, street strolling ride are endless.

Enhancement items, which are specialized items made to replace the original part of a car, range from replacement seat furs to a set of 24-inch Davins spinning rims.

The price range for car these types of accessories vary.

John Braun, a mechanic at Cool and Deadly Performance located at Lake Bradford Road, said many students come to the auto accessory shop to buy car stereos and rims along with other small ticket items.

So, what are the latest cravings these days?

“A lot of students are getting the euro lights,” Braun said.

Euro lights are replacement turn signals that give off a more brighter and sleeker look compared to stock turn signals.

A pair of euro lights start at $100 and can increase based on the owners preference.

But what would balling be without some shiny feet?

Braun said a person could spend $4,000 or more just on car rims but, “they won’t be spinning.” He said that although everyone talks about 20- to 24-inch rims, the more popular rims are 17- to 19-inches in diameter.

“Most car wheel wells can’t handle 20-inch rims,” Braun said.

That may be Braun’s opinion, but for others where there is a wheel well there must be a way.

Peter Dierivot, a 21-year-old student from Miami said, “Any kind of rims will fit on a car. People here in Tallahassee can’t do it.”

Dierivot said he has his 1995 Chevrolet Caprice sitting on 22-inch rims, but the job was done in Miami.

Aside from it being his home, he said there are more options down south.

“It’s cheaper and you can find anything you want,” the computer information systems student said. “You can have anything done to your car.”

For some finding the right part or look for a car is as easy as going home, but there is an unspoken down side when its time to place the car back on the market.

When it comes to trade value, car dealers don’t see enhancements as added value and they play it by the book.

Bill Manning, a sales manager at All American Ford on Magnolia Drive, said the only increase of value added to car with enhancements is “the car owner’s personal satisfaction.”

“We have a guide book that tells us what the car is worth,” he said, “After that we look at the condition of the car.”

Well, so much for an easy trade, the rest will just have to settle to shine.