Team captain eyes championship

It seemed as if Shawn McEwen was destined for greatness as a golf player long before he swung a club for the FAMU Men’s Golf Team.The four-year member of FAMU’s team is ready to win a championship and feels this year is a long overdue achievement. The 21-year-old from Phoenix knows what it takes to win and continues to push the younger golf players and inspire the older ones.

And men’s Coach Marvin Green is very proud and confident in McEwen’s leadership.

“He leads by example and won’t take any excuses from his other teammates,” Green said.

A little shy at first, McEwen worked his way up the ranks before becoming captain. He performed in tough situations and came through with the right motivation that made him captain for two straight seasons.

The golf team has made a name by being ranked either the top or second-highest ranked team in the national golf tournament since 2001.Although he has been playing golf since he was 8 years old, he almost didn’t make it to this point.

“My dad would take me out to the golf course and I would swing around a little but mostly I just drove the golf cart,” said McEwen. “I didn’t take golf too seriously because most of the people in my neighborhood were into football or soccer.”

Life, however, proved McEwen was destined for a different path. He began to get more serious about the game as he entered high school and was chosen to play several tournaments.

On two different occasions, he was chosen to play with Tiger Woods.As he began growing in the men’s golf program since his freshman year, McEwen has developed true leadership skills.

“I’ve grown as a player and as a leader,” he said.His Teammates have noticed a great change in McEwen’s game and admire his role as a motivator.

“He has definitely grown as a leader, said Tirrel Baymon, a 22-year-old senior from Phoenix. “He is determined and hates to lose. He is a true fighter.”

McEwen said he and the other three senior golf players on the team have set their goals high for the 2003-2004 year. They want to win at the national golf tournament like they did in 2000.

“I know what it means to be consistent in golf, but you also have to fun and enjoy the moment,” he said.

McEwen said under his guidance, the golf team will take every tournament as serious as the national tournament. The team started the season off by traveling to Atlanta Sept. 19-21, where they placed second in its first tournament.

“It’s going to be a good year,” McEwen said. “We set our goals high and we can go a long way.”

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