Mentoring program helps needy women

Thanks to some of Famu’s professors and counselors, female students who need more than the typical financial help now have someone to turn to.

The FAMU Commission on the Status of Women has developed a mentoring program that strives to promote the professional development and the leadership of women.

Unlike the typical mentoring program, the CSW, which was established ten years ago, now offers female students financial support, counseling and hands on academic and emotional support.

Members of the organization mentor ten female students, ranging from freshman to graduate level. Those students are selected based on their needs.

Students who are parents, disabled, and are working full time, along with students who do not have a scholarship may benefit from CSW.

Yolanda Boronell, director of the Center for Equity and Cultural Diversity said, “CSW’s goal is to make sure that the women who participate in this program graduate.”

Supplying students with their essential needs is one of CSW’s top priorities.

Boronell expressed the importance of supplying female students with the tools and resources they need to graduate. She mentioned several factors that may interfere with a student’s attempt to earn a degree.

“Do you have access to computers; are you in a safe environment; are you a student parent who can not find child care?” Boronell asked. “This is the type of support we will provide for our participants who may not have these resources.”

Carlotta Mitchell, a mentor of CSW said,” Our goal is to help female students during registering, with weaknesses in the classroom and with information on how to go about getting financial support.

Mitchell said she is up for the challenge of mentoring.

“My goal is to encourage them not to give up, sometimes they run into difficulties and they want to be helped.”

Various female students at FAMU jumped at the opportunity to have a mentor.

Tiffani Akridge, 19, a sophomore general studies student said CSW seemed like an opportunity to get assistance, because she hasn’t decided on a course of study.

“I am confused about what I want to major in. I need guidance from someone who has been done down this road; who knows what to do and what not to do,” Akridge said.

Akridge said she also needs help finding a job and more financial support.

CSW is an opportunity for female students who need that extra push.

Boronell said she believes that age is never an issue when being mentored

“I think that we all need mentoring. Having a mentor is like having a good friend. Somebody that you can depend on to help you work through issues you might have.”