War reasons still unknown

The United States attacked Iraq based solely on what it thought that country might someday want to do to them. But so far, President Bush’s prewar assertion is one of many that has not been validated with discoveries.

For months, Bush’s critics have questioned his rationale for waging war against Iraq. Also doubted are the administration’s persistent claims that Saddam Hussein had a supply of threatening and illegal weapons.

Now, after an intensive six-month search for weapons of mass destruction, Bush has failed to find a single trace of evidence to support his war efforts.

Before assertions about Iraq’s weapons programs, their ties to terrorism and intelligence conclusions behind those assertions had driven Bush’s case for war.

However, Thursday the CIA’s chief weapons hunter, David Kay, told Congress, “We have not yet found stocks of weapons or that they existed before the war.”

Okay, so the US has been unable to find actual weapons after six months of investigation, so just what would six to nine more months produce? Probably nothing more than more expense reports, debt and death.

On the same day Kay gave his report, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said “it will be unfortunate” if the intelligence used to justify the war turns out to be seriously flawed.

Bush, however said the U.S.-led war on Iraq was justified despite the failure to find weapons because the vial of botulism bacteria showed intent to harm.

Now the administration is asking for $600 million on top of the $300 million already spent to continue this pointless hunt. It doesn’t matter how much money is put into this investigation for so-called weapons of mass destruction, the only thing that will come out of it, is proof that Bush was wrong for even beginning this madness.

The Famuan