Girls must be held accountable

The last time I checked, rape was defined as the crime of engaging in a sexual act with a person who has not consented.

So, can somebody please explain to me why men all over the United States are being prosecuted as sex offenders for sex that is consensual?

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that in the state of Florida, any man who is above the age of consent can be charged with a second-degree felony for having any sexual contact with a female under the age of 16.

Now, it’s almost common knowledge that most girls these days become sexually active before they reach 16, so why should a guy who’s had sexual contact with a female who was more than happy to spread her legs be punished as cold-blooded rapists?

Imagine those states, such as California, where the age of consent is 18. A high school senior can be prosecuted and forced to register as a sex offender for having sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that these laws are unfairly enforced throughout the country and usually brought about by spite from the female’s family.

I have witnessed too many situations in which a teenage girls’ parents found out she was sexually active and decided to press statutory rape charges against the male instead of accepting the fact that their daughter was having sex. And what’s the common excuse? “His age intimidated her and she wasn’t old enough to make a clear decision.”

That’s ludicrous and everyone knows it. People need to wake up and realize that just like no means no, yes means yes. These laws are only contributing to the irresponsibility of young ladies who solicit themselves to older men without any consequences.

Girls need to start accepting responsibility for their decisions instead of using their age as an excuse. Until these young women become responsible for their actions, innocent men will continue to have their lives ruined by a sexual offense charge for sex that was totally consensual.

Amber Moore, 18, is a sophomore public relations student from Los Angeles. She can be reached at