Famuan Quality

Dear Editor & Staff,

I want to commend you on the consistent quality exhibited in each edition of the Famuan you produce. As a proud alumnus of FAMU, I use the online editions that I receive as a way to keep track of the happenings of the university and to gain a sense of current students’ thinking, concerns, dreams, and ambitions. I can honestly say that this year’s Famuan is of the highest quality in both content and presentation and overall is the best yet. It’s apparent to me that you have a broad charter to cover national, state, and local stories that should be of interest to students, but most importantly you focus on important envents/happenings on campus that ALL students should be aware of, if they are to be properly informed wearers of the orange and green.

No wonder this is not only the best HBCU college newspaper in the land but one of the best college newspapers period. My daughter who is a senior this year reads your paper religiously and I do too. Keep up the great work. I’m proud of you! Hubba, hubba.


COL Austin D. Bell IIIU.S. Army14309 Stonewater CtCentreville, VA 20121202 782-1225austin.bell@na.amedd.army.milClass of ’75