Imagine the world if no rule was ever challenged

It was once a rule that blacks sit at the back of the bus, that women should not vote; would your advice have been to “just follow it, the rule is there for a reason?” I am not equating Civil Rights to class attendance, but a comparison can be drawn. School is not a job-it is school. VOLUNTARY SCHOOL. We choose to attend college, we choose FAMU, we choose our major, our class, and our seat in the room-but we don’t get to choose if we go or not? Where is the logic? If you make all A’s, and have three unexcused absences you get an A, but if you make all A’s, and have four unexcused absences, you fail? History shows, that if you miss class your grades will suffer. But we have all had a class or two, that regardless if we came to every class or not, we could have made the same grade.Rules are rules, and you have to follow them, but that does not make the rules right. An attempt to spark attention towards eradicating a rule should not be so blindly shot down. Imagine the world if no rule was ever challenged.

Terence LangFAMU Grad Spr ’03Orlando, FL407.695.2511This was in response to the “Don’t Complain about the rules, Just follow them” article by Robyn Mizelle in the Friday, October 3, 2003 issue of the FAMUan via The FAMUan Online