Attending class should be students choice

FAMU’s student handbook is loaded with rules we should adhere to, but the class attendance policy is useless.

By now you’ve realized that life is all about decisions. You chose to step onto one of the highest of seven hills to continue your matriculation the same way you choose to attend class for your own enrichment.

According to the Florida A&M University catalog, students are allowed one unexcused absence per credit hour. In other words, we are allowed to miss three days of class during a semester for a three credit hour course. If you miss more classes than allowed, you are subject to receive an “F” for that class.

Before you agree with this, take into account sudden illness, car trouble or any incident that your dean may find inexcusable.

There are 83 school days in the fall semester. Who can assume that any number of these 83 days won’t be filled with life’s mishaps? If you miss over three days, should you be punished?

This dilemma leads me to two points: One, the university does not trust us as students and adults to attend class. Two, we are usually forced to attend class because of a professor’s sporadic roll taking.

Attending class is an individual decision that should not be dictated by the university. You should never explain to your dean that you had a stomach virus, but since you have no proof, he or she is unable to give you an excuse.

Yes, FAMU has the ability to make this rule, but enforcing it is pointless. Any professor will tell you they would rather have a room of willing students rather than ill, unfocused ones. Besides, what was the point of attending class on the day you kept your shades on so that the professor wouldn’t see you sleeping? You could have spent that time in your dorm room resting for your next class.

By no means am I advocating the lazy, stagnant student at FAMU. My statement is simple: As adults making adult decisions, attending class should be a choice, not a requirement.

Raquel Moore, 21, is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. She can be reached at