Larry’s Impeachment

Wasting Resources

Greetings all. I am sorry that I have to come on this tip, but our time and resources cannot continue to be wasted. There are some questions that when answered will give you some insight into what this charade could really be about because it’s not about Larry not doing his job; I mean the mistakes that he has made could have been caught by his colleagues i.e. the senate or whom ever did catch the mistakes and easily brought to his attention to be corrected. But that would be too much like right wouldn’t it? So, my first question is why didn’t whom ever spotted the mistakes inform Larry? I mean not just inform him but make sure that he is aware of all the rules and regulations, all of them. Why don’t you all work together up there in SGA? Larry was elected president. Why don’t you stand with your brother? Can you forget about yourselves for a moment and remember the students that you are supposed to be serving? Let us give Larry a chance to work his name; I mean magic for the best for FAMU. Don’t act like you didn’t know. How on earth can a man be tried and the jury be made of his accusers? Seems like the antebellum south to me and for those who are not familiar with the term antebellum, it refers to the times in which our ancestors were lynched and burned sometimes after being found guilty by a white jury whom were also the accusers. All I want is for everyone to stop bickering and work together. After all, I am one of the 12,000+, well maybe now it is more like 10,500+, paying your salary and I cannot stand for my employees to waste my money. What about you?

Julius Harris1400A Cleveland St.Tallahassee FL. 32310julius_harris@hotmail.com850-339-7595

I know it is more than 150. I didn’t realize how little it is. Let me know how you like it though. This is my first time writing anything like this.PEACE.