Students appear before senate to adress concerns

Larry O. Rivers was still on the minds of many in attendance at Monday night’s SGA Senate meeting a week after he was impeached for appointing an ineligible student to his cabinet.

Some students shared their disapproval for Rivers’ removal while others said they supported the Senate’s impeachment vote.

One student, Brook Smith, a fourth-year business student from Fort Lauderdale, said certain senators are resentful of Rivers because of the way “Rivers addressed the Senate.”

Amongst the most poignant speakers was former SGA vice-president R.J. Howard. Howard instructed the Senate to use ethical judgment during today’s impeachment trial.

“Remember the students and the university before you think of your personal agenda because we have a university to save,” said Howard, who served as vice president during the 2000-2001 school year.

Mr. FAMU Theodore Goyins said he was concerned that the Senate would neglect other campus issues during the impeachment process.

” Exert the same amount of energy seen in the impeachment process as you would in other student issues,” said Goyins, a fourth year business student from Voorhies Township, N.J.

Later in the meeting, Chief Justice Maya Simmons answered senate and student questions about the logistics of the impeachment procedures. Several senators were confused how the Senate would have the authority to hear the upcoming impeachment trial after being responsible for Rivers’ initial charge.

Senate President Michael Morton explained that the Senate is the only body able to hear the trial because of the current vacancy in the Student Supreme Court. He said three more justices are needed to fill all empty slots.

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