Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to Bishop Hoban senior Gerry McGroarty for kicking a 64-yard field goal Saturday. His kick was a new state record and was longer than the NFL’s longest field goal (63). The previous high school record was set by Matt Domonkos last year at Bishop McDevitt High School and was 58 yards.

JEERS to jockey Jeffrey H. Faul for using an electrical “buzzer” to win a race. The buzzer emits an electric shock when pressed against the horse. He has been suspended from racing for six years and has also been fined $7,500. Why do folks do this to themselves? You know it’s illegal and you’ll be in trouble if you get caught, so why even use the device?

CHEERS to Atlanta Braves catcher Javy Lopez. He hit his 42nd homerun Saturday and broke the major league record for homeruns for that position. The former record was set by Todd Hundley who hit 41 homers for the New York Mets in 1996.

JEERS to Zach Randolph of the Portland Trail Blazers for being arrested for underage drinking this weekend. Randolph, who is now 21, was 20-years-old when he was pulled over Friday. He pled guilty in court and has to pay $134 in court costs and a $1 fine. Instead of just waiting a few more days until he turned 21, Randolph had to go and get himself in trouble. See, that why you shouldn’t drink alcohol because it does nothing but get your hiney in trouble.

CHEERS to Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles for firing general managers Jerry Manuel and Mike Hargrove, respectively. Both managers had talent-laden teams that were unable to produce a winning season. The White Sox collapsed and lost 10 of their last 15 games to finish four games behind Minnesota at 86-76. The Orioles, though a young team, had the potential to do better than their 71-91 record. These teams’ upper management realized the old heads are no longer effective in leading their teams so they had to say, “Buh-Bye.”

JEERS to Brenda Warner the wife of benched St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner for calling a radio station and complaining about her husband’s lack of playing time. The two-time MVP hasn’t started the last two games because of a broken hand. In the radio interview, Mrs. Warner said she is welcoming a trade after the season if her husband does not start playing. Okay, so can someone please tell me why she is calling a radio and whining about her hubby’s P.T.? How’s about you stay home and let him handle his business, okay?!