Campus recreation organizes cheer club

The Campus Recreation department has found a way to get more women involved with intramurals and club sports. The DiamondBack All-Stars is a new cheerleading club coordinated by campus recreation.

“The people came and they asked for it,” said Michelle Roby the new adviser for the DiamondBack All-Stars.

Bob Carroll, Jr., the director of campus recreation said many women around campus were once cheerleaders and would like to continue cheering. Therefore this new group will cater to the competition beast within the ladies.

“It was formed partly because of competition,” Carroll said.

Tiffany Cummings, the vice president of the DiamondBack All-Stars said the new group will teach students the basic techniques so they can prepare for competition. The group of approximately 60 talented young ladies will be involved in various events around the community such as road cleanup and tutoring programs. “We want to give back to the community what we have to offer,” Cummings said.

The squad will organize clinics for youth in the community who would like to learn more about cheerleading.

The DiamondBack All-Stars is scheduled to appear on ESPN in December after final examinations week.

“It’s still new and it’s still young and of course like anything else there are going to be some knocks in the road . but FAMU has always been a trailblazer,” Roby said.

The trail blazing begins with the group being the first major organization to be featured on ESPN.

The first of many activities was cheering at the “Day of Dance,” last Wednesday, an event sponsored by the Center for Equity and Cultural Diversity.

“Due to a few cancellations, we performed twice in the morning and once in the afternoon,” Roby said. “There was a lot going on and the girls really shined for a first time group only being formed very recently.”

The ladies will also cheer at intramural games as the year goes on.

“For the flag football games, we will have a different group of girls cheering for each team and performing at half-time,” Roby said.

The DiamondBack All-Stars will be participating in Relay for Life Oct. 2 at Lake Ella.

“I’m just excited,” said Carroll about the team and many other events campus recreation has going.

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