9/27 halftime performance

It was good to honor the 1978 national championship football team. However, it was inconsiderate to the 25,000+ fans who paid and attended to see a ‘real’ Marching 100 performance. Both could have been done. Especially since we have only three home games this year. I could have seen this so-called show at a local high school here in S.Carolina or Furman U or the Wofford game (I drove 7 hours and spent $250). I finally got a local buddy that had never seen a HBCU band perfomance to come to Florida with me to witness a true band performance: he still has not seen one. We must remember the critical reason that FAMU and any other HBCU that may, can pull off a D-1 move: Additional attendance generated by HBCU band performances. Otherwise, our average attendance would be comensurate with the average 1-AA non-HBCU and a D-1 move would be impossible.