Womens’ sports have excitement

This is in response to Will Brown’s column titled “Womens sport’s league fails.”

There are many female high school and college athletes aspiring to be in the top echelon of the WNBA or WUSA. For many of these high school and college players, watching the female pro teams are very beneficial. Many people do not watch the WNBA to see dunks. People may watch to see Sheryl Swoopes’ sweet crossover, Lisa Leslie score at will, Swin Cash’s sweet jumper, or Tina Thompson’s bright red lipstick.

The comparisons between the WNBA and the NBA are silly. How many men are there in the NBA that can’t make a lay-up unguarded or an easy dunk? Lisa Leslie can dunk and on that specific play, she was going for a lay-up and then decided to go for the dunk. That dunk has changed the way people view the WNBA. Why not talk about how Lisa Leslie is an excellent athlete? Lisa, along with Venus and Serena Williams, Marion Jones, Mia Hamm, Sheryl Swoopes, and so many others are trying to prove people like you wrong because there is electricity and excitement in women’s sports.

Oh, by the way, the attendance for game two of the LA Shock final was 17,846. I guess someone was watching.

Alexeyevae Plummer is a junior health science student from Oak Hill, Florida