Personal issues overrun senate

At a senate meeting held Monday night, Student Government President Larry Rivers was impeached by a senate charged with looking out for the best interests of the students. Unfortunately, this latest debacle is simply another step in the wrong direction.

The funny thing is, the whole scenario sounds a little familiar. Sort of like an incident that occurred at the national level in 1998.

Then, a bitter Congress impeached a president for his sexual exploits in the Oval Office, not his incompetence as a president. This time, on this campus, the SGA president is being persecuted by a senate determined to remove him from office.

Larry Rivers, elected by a majority of Florida A&M students to lead the student government, has fought hard to hold on to his position.

This newest tragedy is just another reminder of how ugly things can get when personal feelings and electoral duties collide.

Advice for a senate elected by the people, for the people: Keep the personal agendas away from the senate chambers. Focus on the real issues affecting the Florida A&M community.

Even if you didn’t support President Rivers during his campaign, he is your president now. It is your duty as a senator for the student body to support and work with him for the betterment of this campus community. If history is to be repeated, these charges will most likely be overturned and Rivers will continue his term as SGA president.