Career Fair Draws Large Turnout

The Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center’s Exhibit Hall was filled with enthusiastic recruiters and eager students Wednesday.

They met up for the students to get jobs – and for employers to fill positions.

“I think I was very successful in looking for a internship for the spring semester,” said Cheri Mayfield, 20, a Business Administration student from Seattle.

By 9:30 a.m., trolley shuttles and independent drivers had already filled the parking lot at the Civic Center.

“Where I parked, I had to worry about getting towed or ticketed,” said Rashaad Pelt, 20, a junior business management student from Austin.

There were over 100 companies represented at the Career Fair including Microsoft, The Boeing Company, All State Insurance, Internal Revenue and many others.

“Overall I feel that the career fair was very productive,” said Kenneth Milstead, 20, third year business student from Houston. “I had an opportunity to speak with corporate guests and they gave me the direction that I need to seek out job opportunities.”

FAMU alumnus Taneisha Jackson, a Boeing representative, said, “I’m pleased to see all of these students come out to learn about career options.”

Some students credited the turnout to the companies in attendance.

“The caliber of the companies and the number of companies improved since last year,” said Cemere James, a third year Engineering student from Philadelphia.

Treva Raftin, a claims representative for St. Paul Property and Liability Insurance, said a main setback for many students is that they choose to limit themselves in terms of job-hunting.

“Students should work on getting their foot in the door and then work up to getting the position that they want,” Raftin said. “Keep your objectives open.”

Other corporate representatives gave students hints at what could eventually help them land jobs at the fair.

“Relationship building is the key to success,” said Sakinah Kay, 23, a senior business student from Pensacola and a Best Buy representative.

James said a main concern for students seeking internships at the expo is knowing how to present and sell themselves in a way that a company will want.

“Take the book [the expo’s list of recruiting companies], look and see what companies best fit your major, target them and study that select few,” Jackson said.

Pelt said the electronics company, Raytheon, gave him some appreciated direction.

“[The recruiter] told me that it is best to form a relationship with all of the recruiters,” Pelt said. “When recruiters come back to town, you should call them and make sure to keep in contact with them.”