President and First Lady Gainous

Greetings fellow Rattlers. I am writing this letter to thank the FAMU family for its support of my uncle and aunt, Pres. and First Lady Gainous. I know there were mixed emotions about whether Dr. Gainous was the right choice to lead FAMU into a post-Humphries future. While I’m sure the other candidates would have been fine, I DO know that Dr. Gainous’ heart has always been with FAMU. Not only is he a professional, learned as well as a firm but fair administrator, but also a great friend, Christian and relative. And for those who thought my uncle was too stiff, he actually has a great sense of humor. Aunt Madie is warm and caring person, who is happy to share in the duties that must be handled to further FAMU’s interests. I know the road ahead will be fulled with potholes and obstacles. I simply ask for the Rattler community’s continued support. Let’s keep strikin’ for the top. Thanks again,

Shaundra L. LeeBrunswick, GA