Computer Based Jobs Decline

Technology is increasing everyday. So there should be plenty of jobs for computer science students right?

Not necessarily.

Although technology is on the rise, there are more applicants for computer based positions than there are availabilities.

Katherine Morland, the marketing and sales director of Solane Consulting Group Inc., said, “We’ve got more applicants than we have jobs; it’s highly competitive.”

Edward Jones, associate professor of computer and information systems at Florida A&M said, “The job opportunities for computer information science majors has generally been pretty high, but there has been some down turn with the economy and 9-11.”

Marla Hood, 20, a junior computer information systems student from Milwaukee, Wis., said she thought there would be more jobs in today’s world, but believes there are a lack of jobs in any field.

“I would think there should be more jobs since technology is changing,” Hood said.

Although technology based jobs are not promised for computer science students, many positions do incorporate computer skills in their job descriptions.

“In the workplace people are using computers more and more,” Jones said.

“Computers are used for fact finding and communication. Good computer skills, the whelm of literacy, software, and good processing skills are valuable because they can help people distinguish themselves in the workplace,” he added.

Morland expressed the same sentiment.

“Almost every position regardless of what it is, has to do with computers these days,” Morland said.

“When we hire, computer science majors are preferable.” Morland added.

Jones said students will get left behind in the workforce if they do not keep up with technology.

‘They will be more valuable if they do keep up with technology,” Jones said.

Some students seem to think that computer science students might have the upper hand when it comes to technology based jobs.

“I feel that being a computer science major is a good experience,” Hood said.

“Everything is being upgraded in terms of computers and software. We learn the basic skills because we use the same things for each program,” Hood said.

According to Jones, many companies have already invested money in computer technology.

“The job market (for technology) is pretty hard to predict,” Morland said.

“But it’s good regardless of the recent low of the job market.”