Opportunities Abound at Expo

On Friday afternoon while most students prepared to travel to Atlanta for the football game, Ada Desravines sat in the Career Center looking for possible job openings.

Desravines, 22, a graduate business student from Miami, said that she isinterested in finding funding to support her and help finance her more personal interests.

“I’m also a songwriter and right now I’m hoping to find some work at the Career Expo to help pay for my music habits,” Desravines said.

Desravines is just one of the many students anticipating this year’s expo.

For 14 years, The Florida A&M University’s Career Center has sponsored the event. This year’s expo will be held at the The Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center. The expo provides all of the university’s students (past and present) with the opportunity to network with big name companies like Eli Lilly and Convergys.

Desravines expressed the importance for students to attend the career expo.

“It is the chance when companies are brought to us instead of us seeking out the companies,” Desravines said. “It makes the search a lot easier” Crystal Lewis agreed.

“Going to the expo allows us (students) to know more about their businesses,” said Lewis, 22, a junior health care management student from Quincy, Fla.

Lewis mentioned that at previous expos she has met with recruits from AT&T, Kimberly Clark and Coca Cola and said that they were not only very informative, but also helpful as well.

“They (job recruiters) critiqued my resume and told me to continue to go to the school career center.”

Delores Dean, director of the Career Center encouraged all students to participate in the expo and use the experience as ” a networking arena.”

“The career expo is an informal way for students to meet with representatives,” Dean said.

She especially encouraged freshmen and sophomores to attend the expo.

“The goal is to get them (underclassmen) to start early, intern and then get the job.”

The career center also offered resume workshops and interviewing sessions, which began September 2, to help students prepare for the expo. Dean hopes to see over 2000 students at the expo this semester.

“I want to see civic center filled with FAMU students.” Sadly, not everyone will be able to make the event. Due to a classes and a heavy work schedule, Lewis said she might not be able to attend this year.

However, she is not at all too sure about that.

“The Career expo is a really great opportunity, I might just have to skip my classes.”

Things you need to know:

The Career Expo 2003 will be held on September 24, 2003 at the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center from 9am to 4pm. All FAMU students and alumni are invited.

There will be over 143 companies there. 

Here are a few reminders from Delores Dean, Director of the career center.

1. Bring your resume(s). (This will also serve as student identification along with your rattler card) 2. Dress conservative. (Navy blue and black suits are still appropriate)3. Be professional. (You want to make a lasting impression)

For more information, call 850-599-3700

Tiffany Pitts can be reached at pittstiffany@hotmail.com